Well, this December has been quite busy! On January 5th I am flying out to San Francisco and will call it my home. That evening I will begin classes at the University of San Francisco to get an MBA in Entrepreneurship. I am thrilled to be going back to school! I’m incredibly eager to use parts of my brain that have been dormant for the past two years.

I have continued to make headbands as well as make coasters and salt & pepper shakers. As random as these objects are, they are fun to make! I just need to find out if anyone else enjoys them enough to buy them.

My plan is to buy a sewing machine and begin making outfits. I feel it will be a frustrating yet rewarding experience. I plan to put all of these creations in Sombreros & Lingerie. The store that will sell everything except for sombreros OR lingerie! I will let you know when the store exists….

I will post my newest creations on Etsy.com so check it out every so often, say once in the morning and once at night. NBD