Happy New Year! And what a new year it is…so much has changed I feel like I’m living a brand new life. Yesterday afternoon I arrived in San Francisco, took a power nap and headed off to night class. It’s called “Learning to Lead” and I think it will help me reflect and think about the person I am compared to the leader I want to be. So far, USF is just as I hoped/expected it to be.

On another note I have rearranged my goals quite a bit. I am making my ‘Sombreros & Lingerie’ a long term goal, for I have a new idea that I have begun to execute. It is so exciting and special that I will not even say what it is! What I will digest is this: San Francisco is in need of it and has never seen/heard/tasted anything like it. Guesses are welcome!

In order to achieve this mystery goal, I need to get a job at X business to get some experience. However, that is a part-time position and I need another job in order to pay for silly things like rent/food/toilet paper. Thankfully, your ‘girl done good’ and has secured herself a job on her first full day living in San Francisco! It is nothing glamourous, but it is a pay check. You are officially reading the blog of a Public Safety Call Taker at the University of San Francisco. I know, you are so impressed you’re paralyzed. The position is actually pretty interesting, I have to complete 120 hours of training so I am aware of what to do in various emergencies. I will definitely learn something.

Anywho! Thats me and my crazy life as of now! See if you can guess my ‘genius idea’ by thinking of things that San Francisco needs! Ciao for now!