Great news on two fronts:

I have an interview today with Kathy Kane, a professor at USF who is leading a course called ‘Advanced Leadership’. It is an intense course that takes place at a retreat center over a weekend in April. There are 20 spots and everyone has to go through an interview process before getting accepted into the program. I am excited! Also, a bit nervous.

Secondly, I am checking out a website
that informs people like me the steps I need to take in order to register Project Mangia! in San Francisco. I did a search, and luckily no one has taken the name I want to use for the business. All these forms are slightly overwhelming! However, I need to remind myself that I dedicate my Wednesdays & Fridays to Project Mangia! and that I shouldn’t get ahead of myself. Tomorrow, Taylor (my friend and business partner) will work to make sense of these documents and create a plan of action. In addition we will scope out some open markets to see if we can use any local produce for Project Mangia!