Happy Weekend!

I just wanted to express my excitement. Project Mangia! is going very well. No, no profit yet, nor customers. That is a leap we have yet to take. However, the jump off date is February 13th. My business partner Taylor and I are hosting a Coming Out to the Private Party where we will give everyone a sample of our product as well as some cold Peroni. It will give us exposure and feedback. We are thinking of using this event to create customers, hold a follow-up event that is not free, and see if anyone bites.

We are making headway when it comes to figuring out what our distribution practices will be. We are exhausting our opportunities as to how and where we can sell this product, and ultimately have a Coming Out to the Public Party, all day, everyday.

Although a February 13th is a Private Event, I am inviting everyone I know and hope to fill the maximum occupancy for my apartment. This said, you’re invited!

ciao for now!