The Stromboli event was a hit! Over thirty people came to my apartment and munched on 12 strombolies. The feedback we received was very useful! My business partner and I had created survey’s that rated each type of stromboli on a scale of 1-6. Below are the details:


1-      Couldn’t take a second bite.

2-    I guess I would eat it if I was wasted.

3-    I’d eat it if it was free.

4-    My taste buds are happy!

5-    Hey Tony! That’s f*ckin’ good stromboli!

6-    Is there crack in that? Cause I’m addicted.


  • The Catero Original:         5.21
  • Veggie #1:                           4.72
  • Veggie #2:                           5.5
  • Veggie #3:                           4.94

So, overall we are pleased with the scores. We are debating whether we want to keep Veggie#1 in our menu, but will first play around with the recipe a bit. Everyone gave great suggestions on how to improve the stromboli further, which we are in the process of doing right now! We are confident that we can improve our ratings by tweaking the recipe just a bit. I’m interested in serving the revised strombolies to another consumer group (half new to Stromboli and half from our event) and re-administer the same survey. I think then we will be able to determine as to whether or not we have improved our menu!

I am proud that we successfully hosted and fed a large group of people! Our execution was planned and highly organized. Of course we were nervous, but we were prepared for the event and I am pleased everything worked out. I am happy with our scores, but also eager to improve them!