Many companies are into the green initiative these days, and I think its wonderful. Maybe companies do it because its good for the environment, maybe they do it cause what all the cool kids are doing, I don’t care. Whatever makes the world a better place is good enough for me. In the spotlight today is Coca-Cola. They have spent 2009 rolling out a new bottle, where 30% of it is made up of plant-based materials. This in-turn decreases the bottles carbon emissions by 25%. Awesome.

Coca-Cola planned on producing more of these bottles and using them for Dasani, other sparkling beverage lines, and eventually Vitamin Water as well. Good news is that the company is ahead of schedule and has already started to make coke bottles out of this material.

They have several other eco-friendly ideas that they are rolling out within the next year or so, such as using hybrid delivery vehicles and recycling programs. I commend them for their efforts, and hope that more people jump on the band wagon and do more for the earth.

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