Welp, I did it. My efforts to maintain a balanced lifestyle as I create Stromboli has led me to become quite the little runner.

Now my life is super balanced, because I have officially signed up for the San Francisco Marathon on July 25th. With my long workout regime, I have about as much alone time as a gal could ask for. I run along the water and have views of Alcatraz, the Golden Gate Bridge, and sea lions that are as cute as a button.

I am excited to have running in my life, and am eager to complete my very first marathon! I truly believe that if it weren’t for this daily release- I would be a nut-case by now.

I know your interested in supporting me in the marathon, and you’re too kind. However, I am not fooled and I know your true intention, which is to support the State of California: SF Bay Conservation & Development Commission, and I just want to say that I appreciate your generousity!

But seriously, if you want to support clean air & water, then click on me. I’ll do the leg work.