Hello rainy days.
Pros: I get to drink as much Sleepy-time tea as humanly possible.
Cons: Running outdoors could be better.
Pros: I get a lot of work done.

2:3 isn’t bad.

Today is a day for me to do Stromboli administrative work. All my friends and family have been very helpful in supplying me with links, thoughts, and articles that apply to my stromboli business. So, today I will review all of these, in addition to my own findings. Sometimes there is so much material I feel like a chicken without a head, but with a little bit of elbow grease (err brain grease?) & passion for the stromboli, everything works itself out real nice.

Tomorrow my business partner and I will re-work one of our veggie strombolies called ‘The Volcano’. In efforts to improve the recipe, we are using different amounts of the ingredients: pineapple, cheeses, peppers, sriracha, and sauce.

Thursday the 11th we will be hosting another tasting party. This event will include a small group of 16 individuals that will sample our 3 stromboli versions. Half of these people attended the previous tasting, so we are curious to see what the survey results will be.

This weekend I will be working on the stromboli website as well as facebook fan page. The website will allow you to pre-order strombolies! Things are looking good so stay tuned!

April 21st we are attending La Cocina’s incubator program orientation. Within a month after that, we will submit our application for the program. La Cocina helps low-income women food entrepreneurs take their business to the next level. It provides us with commercial kitchen space as well as networking opportunities. It is an awesome program and I am working my little tush off trying to get accepted into it.

So, needless to say stromboli is keeping me busy! Graduate school is as well, but I must say, I am learning a lot about time management.