Tomorrow I am attending an event that will result in an incredible taste-bud expansion! Actually, I have no idea if that will happen or not. Regardless, I am going to a “Whiskey & Cheese Tasting” class. I can’t imagine what would go wrong with that! It is being held at The Cheese School of San Francisco. Check out the class details below, and click on the link to check out all of their other classes! There is quite the variety.

The Cheese School of San Francisco

Whiskey and the blues always go together, and we’re not just talking about music. The complex, smoky symphony of flavors you find in most single malts and other whiskeys are a great match for the right cheese partner. In this class we’ll sample a variety of cheeses that have enough bold richness to bring out the best in select whiskeys. Sip it slow, sip it smooth, and enjoy exploring some new taste discoveries!