Happy Friday! I have decided to start a new weekly blog ritual. It is called ‘Featured Fridays’ and where I will showcase some of my favorite entrepreneurs. Many of whom I hold near and dear to my heart.

Given that today is officially the first ‘Featured Friday’ I will proudly

John-Austin Catero, Self Portrait

share with you Caught Outside Photography by my brother, John-Austin Catero. He is one cool surfer dude who has a knack for shooting. Cameras, that is. Get to know him a little better by reading our interview.


LC: When did you first find out you fancied photography?
JAC: On a family vacation to Oregon back in 2004. I took a photo of my sandals on a sand dune and was stoked it came out so well. The composition was well balanced and there was a nice side light. I was hooked.

LC: Describe your work in 2 adjectives or less (Okay, fine 3)…
JAC: Original, Vibrant, Outdoorsy

LC: What projects are you working on right now that gets you excited and giddy like a 5-year old in a sandbox?
JAC: I just recently purchased waterhousing for my camera. I’m still getting used to actually brining my camera in the water since it is such a huge gamble; anything could go wrong. My initial photos have come out much better than expected and I can’t wait to improve further. It feels great that you are able to put yourself such an abnormal and risky situation by swimming out in large surf just to capture the beauty that only a handful of people actually experience.

LC: Which photographers are you most inspired by?
JAC: Brian Bielmann, Clark Little, Aaron Chang

LC:If your photography as a whole had a theme song, would you rather choose
A) Ambient Sounds – Pulse Doctor
B) Under The Sea – The Little Mermaid
C) Bubble Toes – Jack Johnson
D) Other:_______

JAC: D). Other. Have not given it that much though, there is probably a different song for each photo but a Jack Johnson beat is a nice relaxing one that kind of makes you chill and look around a bit. In this fast paced world that’s all we need to do sometimes or else we’ll miss something.

LC: If you could photograph any place in the world where would it be?
JAC: French Polynesia, but it’s hard to really pick one specific place.

Thanks JAC! I feel like surfing…