It’s that time again! I’d like to introduce you all to my friend
Thomasin Bentley. Her brand spanking new NYC based company is called
Causeation, and get used to hearing the word because this chick is
picking up speed and she ain’t slowin down! She is weaving quite a
beautiful cloth by bringing together the threads of non-profit and
for-profit corporations. Check it out here!

LC: So Thomasin, how long have you been involved in non-profit work?

TB: Working with non-profits is actually an exciting career change
for me. I worked in investment management for 12 years until 2007,
when the market changed dramatically and I took a temporary job
working for a non profit that soon turned into a full time
opportunity. I feel so much more fulfilled, personally and
professionally, now that I’m leveraging my for-profit experience to
grow programs for a range of non-profit and creative organizations.

LC: What is Causeation all about?

TB: Causeation – intentionally misspelled – is about “Marketing
Strategies for Interesting People.” I assist non-profits, artists and
small businesses with planning, fundraising and communication. I
connect those groups with for-profit companies who want to expand
their brand identity through sponsorship causes. The idea is to build
partnerships between organizations that need funding and corporations
who want to invest in creative communities of customers.

LC: What inspired you to begin this new business? It sounds like you
are a heaven-sent angel for non-profits & artists.

TB: The “angel” idea is interesting…because I don’t think of myself
that way – Causeation is really more about creating partnerships for
mutual benefit. An important point I remind the artists and
non-profits that I work for is that corporations want to invest in new
ideas and positive causes – not because they want to be nice or do
favors…but because smart businesses are always looking for
effective, targeted ways to advertise their brand and get exposure.
That’s what “cause marketing” is all about – connecting your brand
with a cause or social campaign in order to reach a broader audience
and get more customers to positively associate with your company. So I
feel strongly that if a non-profit has a unique vision, they shouldn’t
have to beg for their existence – rather, they should feel empowered
to connect with corporate partners.

LC: Any cool projects going on?

TB: One of the most exciting artists I’m working with right now puts
on a program called Cinema 16, which is a revival of an avant-garde
film society from the 1950’s. Cinema 16 is a new take on “silent
film”. The curator, Molly Surno, selects 3 or 4 vintage short films
for the program.

Then she commissions an up and coming band to compose a new, original
score to be played live during the screening of the film (recently she
did a show with These Are Powers, who are really big in Brooklyn right
now). The result is really powerful – the vintage films get a whole
new identity being accompanied by the musician. Cinema 16 aims to
bring the community experience back to film. Nowadays, so many of us
watch movies alone on our iPods or laptops. Molly Surno changes that.

The events are always free or low cost so almost everyone can attend,
and are sponsored by a liquor or beer provider or a company who can
provide free snacks, drinks, etc. Cinema 16 regularly sells out, and
the sponsors are lending their name to a spectacular event, so it is a
worthwhile investment for them to reach new customers.

Cinema 16 is also raising money on Kickstarter to expand programming
outside of NYC – so if youre interested in finding out more – click
here to donate!

LC: I heard that there’s a Causeation launch party in May? Sounds
awesome. Will it be themed? If you had to mandate that the DJ play
one song of choice, what song/artist would you pick?

TB: My website is still in design mode, so the party will officially
get the word out about the new site and get people engaged, and also
give them an opportunity to volunteer or get involved with cool
non-profits and creative projects going on in their area. There will
definitely be a theme – but that’s a surprise, so you’ll just have to
come to NYC the first week of May to find out more! As for my song:
anything by LCD Soundsystem.

I’m open to song suggestions, any ideas? You can email me!

Thanks Thomasin! I’d say ‘good luck’ but it doesn’t look like you need
any. So, I’ll just say ‘Yeahhh girl!’ or, more conservatively,