What a mouthful! Sustainability Sherpa Sunday Series. A nickname will surely be soon to come. My goal for this series is to help shape my mission as a Sustainability Sherpa. I already know that I want to help the earth thrive while it helps us live our lives. The human race needs to change the idea that the earth is ours. It is not ours. As we take over we are being destructive, which will eventually destroy us as a species. This is why it is my mission to help our race coexist with the planet in an ecological and mutually beneficial way. Due to our actions, earth needs to depend on us for repair and re-growth as we have depended on it for nourishment and shelter.

As a Sustainability Sherpa it is my duty to create awareness and promote change. I want to achieve this by living my life and career in accordance to my values. I want to help the world become more sustainable in the ecological sense. It needs to become more diverse and productive.

Currently, I am using my Stromboli experience as a way to develop a 100% eco-friendly company. Check back next Sunday for more details on my plan of action!