I actually made lemonade yesterday! After reading a few recipes I found a helpful hint that made it taste delicious. Using water, sugar, and lemons the ratios are 1:1. I took two cups of hot cups of water and put it in a bowl with 2 cups of sugar. I stirred it together. Having dissolved sugar really helped disperse the sweet taste once I put in the lemons. I got a bag of beautiful lemons from a nearby out door market and cut off and peeled away the rind, skin, and seeds. I filled up two cups (7 lemons) with the juice-filled sacs called carpel (if you don’t like pulp, then I’d suggest just squeezing the lemons). Then I put it in the food processor along with the sugar water mixture. I tasted it, added a little bit more water and now have about half a gallon of sweet sweet lemonade. It didn’t take that long to make! It was easy-breezy.