Hello hello hello.  Sustainability Sherpa Sunday Series round 2. Are you ready? This week I have figured out a way for Stromboli to become more sustainable. Below are creative tips that I have for small-operating companies as well as individuals.

Side-notes from a Sherpa:

1. Reuse, Really. As Stromboli gears up to sell tasty homemade meat sauce as a side order, I’ve been stocking up on glassware. Instead of recycling my empty jar of salsa and letting someone else reuse it, I’m washing it out and giving it a new purpose.

2. Broken? Or Born Again? In a freak incident, two of my tupperware containers cracked and are now unusable. When I thought my life was over, I was struck by a lightening bolt of innovation! As you know from a past blog post, I am quite the botanist and growing four plants. I took the tupperware and cut down to where the crack ended, and now use the tupperware as trays for my plants to sit in and soak up water. Isn’t that life changing?

3. Read & Re-give. For one of my current graduate school classes, I have to print out upwards of 100 pages of text. Instead of tossing the goods after, I’m going to hand it over to the TA so a new student can get a freebie. It helps the environment, and saves someone else time, effort, and maybe a few buckaroos. I might even tell the rest of the class about my idea, and get some more people to donate their readings.

I realize these are all specific cases, but they may inspire you to apply similar concepts to your daily life. The more I have sustainability on my mind, the more innovative and less wasteful I become.

Oh yes, fine, I’ll take responsibility. I missed out on this past Featured Friday, but don’t worry it will be back in action next week. There’s a good line-up for you all so stay tuned for my Featured Fridays, Sustainability Sherpa Sundays, and all the goods in between.