Welcome to our Featured Friday! This week I had the pleasure of interviewing Jorge Diaz, founder of Yumit. I had met him during his stay here in San Francisco, and I now have a new friend to visit in Madrid! I was fortunate to spend some time with Jorge, who is a foodie much like myself. He made my favorite dish, Tortilla de Patata (aka Tortilla Espanola) and I ate it until I could not eat anymore. I learned in our interview that I am not the only one who is obsessed with this meal! Read on to learn more about Yumit & Jorge.

LC: So Jorge, What is Yumit.com and what inspired you to create the website?

JD: Yumit is a web service to share instantly with your friends and followers what you are eating (or about to eat)

LC: Cool! With 246 ‘friends’ and 203 ‘yums’ on the site you are very influential. What is your favorite ‘dish’ or ‘meal’ on the website?

JD: That’s easy. Tortilla de patata!

LC: That sounds about right. What the websites most popular dish? What about place?

JD: Currently it’s also Tortilla de patata. It’s very popular here in Spain, and most of the users are Spanish. Till now, I’m the heaviest home user of the site. I hope this changes soon. The place is my home!

LC: Have you thought about any other variations? Like DrinkIt.com where people upload photos of their favorite beers, wines & cocktails?

JD: Definitely yes!! The one about drinks sounds great. In fact we have thoughts about including it in Yumit.

LC: Sounds great! Do you have any other cool websites we should know about?

JD: All my sites are listed in SixClicks but I guess that the other ones are not that “cool”. Quizzr was my first launch made with Ruby on Rails (That web framework you hate so much! hahaha), and its some kind of social quiz game. 🙂