Happy Earth Day!! I hope you are all celebrating in some form, shape or way. I am commemorating this day by posting a Sustainability Sherpa Series Special! I know, you are so excited. Me too.

This Saturday is the last day of my Advanced Leadership class and we are all instructed to bring in a little something for everyone to bring home. I thought of a gift that is functional and fun! You know me, it is also SUSTAINABLE!

Okay, so what is this gift? It is a big blue reusable shopping bag purchased from Bags On The Run. I have painted small colorful squares on the bag to represent a collage our class made during our retreat. I figured that the bags would be more aesthetically pleasing with a unique design my classmates can connect with rather than a loud an boisterous verbal message ‘Advanced Leadership 2010!’

Out of 20 students, I am hoping a few of them use their new stylin’ bags to go shopping and help out the environment. I mean they look pretty amazing, just saying. For those of you that want to give out customized re-usable shopping bags as gifts also, check out all the different customizing options that are available!

Have a good earth day everyone!

*Photo complimentary of Caught-Outside Photography