Hey Hey Happy Friday!! Today’s fantastic feature is a modern day explorer with some modern day equipment. Brandon Stanley is one of my good ‘ol pals from the college days living in the Bronx. He was quite a photographer then and my has he grown up and learned a trick or two. Read further to learn more about Brandon and to see some of his truly remarkable photographs.

LC: So when did you start taking photos? Has your subject preference changed since then?

BS: I started taking photos when I was 17 with a little point and shoot. But it became a serious interest/love/obsession when I was about 21. I started off shooting mostly landscapes; both nature and urban. I still shoot a lot of landscapes, but I shoot a lot of other things as well. Recently it’s been architecture and interiors and skiing and snowboarding.

LC: What kind of equipment are you working with? I know several photographers that care for their cameras like it was their first born. Can you relate?

BS: I have several Nikon cameras and lenses and some studio lights, but the D300 is my main camera. My baby. It comes everywhere with me. I’ve been on the road a lot lately and I always joke that I prefer my car to be stolen with everything in it over my camera.

LC: Would you rather photograph in a space suit somewhere in the middle of the good ‘ol Milky Way OR in the depths of the ocean where undiscovered creatures roam free? Why?

BS: I’d definitely have to say in a space suit floating around The Milky Way for a number of reasons. To experience the galaxy and everything else out there would be out of this world, literally. The bottom of the ocean seems like it would make me a little claustrophobic and I imagine those undiscovered creatures being ugly and scary. My only issue is where I’d set my tripod up while floating around…

LC: Imagine yourself power walking to your next photo gig in 10 years. Where are you and what’s the gig?

BS: I’d be power walking to some remote beach in Tahiti to shoot talented surfers and beautiful models in swimwear.

LC: I’d love to be your intern for that adventure. Your nomadic lifestyle allows for you to take amazing shots from all around the world. Where can I find some examples of your work?

BS: I have a blog that I try to update as frequently as possible. As well as my website with my portfolios.

LC: So, do you have any crazy photography events that you are bursting to share with the world?

BS: Last summer I was sleeping out of my van outside of Yosemite National Park. All the campsites were full so I just found a gap in the trees to pull into on the side of the road. In Yosemite you aren’t supposed to leave any food in your car because the bears are likely to rip into your car going after it. So being entirely unprepared I was sleeping in my van with a decent amount of food, including salami sandwiches. Around 2AM I heard movement outside of the car and upon peering through the window I saw a full grown bear five feet from the car. Instinctively I reached for my camera and flash while making a plan in case it decided to rip the door off. Next the bear stood up and slammed against the side of the van and at this point I was as scared as I could have been. I sat on the other side of the car waiting to slide the door open and fire off a couple shots if he tore through the other door. I wasn’t about to fire off a flash and piss him off because I didn’t know what he’d be likely to do. Fortunately (for me, not the potential photograph that could have been) he just pushed off the car and slowly wandered back off into the woods. So not really a photography event, but I always think of the shot that I could have gotten, but I’m glad I didn’t.

My what a story! Thanks for sharing Brandon! Keep exploring the world and capturing the beauty and don’t forget to visit. I’ll cook you food.