Womp womp. I have shin splints. Last week my marathon training troubles were related to hydration. I educated myself and last Friday ran 18 miles and boy was I well hydrated. Unfortunately, with the death of that issue there was a birth of a pain that only time can ease. So off I went again, surfing for a fix.

I found a temporary remedy:

RECEIPT: Rest, Elevation, Compression, Easy stretching of the muscles, Icing, and possibly Taping

A more permanent answer: Modify my running technique to increase the strength of my dorsiflexors by increasing the strength and coordination of the my entire ankle area. Toe raises will help prevent shin splints as well.

At least I am learning a lot about the human body. Looks like it is time for some shin TLC, but that is a-okay because I won’t stop running! Although I think the elliptical machine and I will be very good friends this week.