Good morning! Below are three ways that I have been reducing waste. Reinventing the purpose of many household products make it is easy to reuse.

1. Finished your white wine? Looks like a nice bottle. Remove the label with some hot water and elbow grease. Wash it out a bit. Now its an even nicer bottle. Pour some water in it and voila! You have your very own carafe. Goes with breakfast, lunch, brunch, dinner, snacks, and dessert! I have several bottles and I use two for carafes, and two for watering my plants.

2. Do you buy cereal in bulk? Did you eat it all? Do you now have an empty but sturdy cardboard box? Cut one side on a crease so you can turn the box inside out so it’s just plain cardboard on the outside. Tape it up. Looks like a shipping box to me. Saves the environment and your wallet- The post office has not been getting any cheaper! *Thanks to Papa John who taught me this trick.

3. Have an outdoor market where you buy your eggs from? I do. Every week I pick up a dozen and every week I go through a cardboard egg carton. On Sunday I asked the kind lady who sells me my eggs if she reuses cartons and if I could give her my old ones to reuse. She said she would accept them as long as they were her brand. Sounds good to me. I just reduced unnecessary waste! Now I’m going to try and give back my strawberry cartons…