And she’s back in the game folks!

Several weeks ago I threw my SF marathon training schedule out the window when I ran 18 miles and got horrible shin splints. I took two weeks off and did my research. I realized that I needed to create a training schedule that worked for my body. I bought a pair of Vibram 5 Finger shoes to run with, and I began to cross-train. It really helped me to get my body back on track in a healthy injury-free way. I will not know if I am ready for the marathon until July 25 and I am eager to see what happens!

Cross-training allowed me to build up the muscles in my feet needed to run in Vibram’s, and also helped me to keep my endurance up while I ease into those longer runs. Below is my schedule. If you have sports injuries like myself, creating a personal training schedule might be the answer to your problems.

Weekly Schedule:

Bike: 3 days a week 6-12 miles a day

Swim: 3 days a week 1 mile a day

Run: 4 days a week with increasing mileage

I use swimming and biking as a way to keep my cardio up and use various muscles. When it comes to running, I try to run X miles 3 days a week with the 4th day be X+2 miles. By keeping swimming and biking fairly constant, my body has been ready to run longer distances.