Well well well my fellow San Franciscans. This post is for all of you lovely ladies and gents. It is time to step it up a notch. What you want is one more item in your crib, adobe, flat, box, whatever. This item is a magical storage container that will allow you to see right before your eyes the impact you are having on the environment. By becoming a member of the compost collection program you will feel better about yourself overnight. Not only will you be saving the world one egg shell at a time, you’ll be just straight up saving the world.

Here’s the deal. This system allows city dwellers to have their own version of home composting. Buy signing up for a collection service, you will be able to put all of your compostables in either a small bin (2 gallon kitchen pail), or a compostable bag. When filled to the max, toss it out in your green compostable bin (32 or 64 gallon) and wham-bam-next thing you know it is picked up and carried away to the lands of rich rich soil and not the lands of landfill.

* For those of you that rent an apartment and do not have separate trash, recycling, and compost bins your landlord is not complying with SF law (whoops!) Click here to get them up to speed & down with the SF standards.