Good news on the news frontier. I ran 20 miles in my Vibram shoes. Then I rode my bike around town for a bit. Sounds like someone is going to be just fine for the marathon. Here’s how it all went down. I woke up at 6:30, got ready and stumbled out of the house at 7:05. Will I ever be ready to run 20 miles? I was unsure. Today was the day I found out.

So off I went! The added mileage on my route consisted of my running over the Golden Gate Bridge and back. For me, the bridge is like love at first sight, but not at first step. It is windy and the irrational side of me is just waiting to be blown into the water. As I made my way closer to the GG I pointed at it and said, “You and me bridge. Mono y mono.” I have to admit, comically personifying the structure helped. However, once I finished running over it, I welcomed the sturdy terrain of the Presidio park.

On my way back I ran past another Vibram junkie. He wanted directions to run along the water, and so he joined me for my last 6 miles. John had read Born To Run as well and we talked about how Vibram Five Fingers have changed out lives. Neither of us knew the proper way to run down hills. We improvised.

I have had runners and bikers stop me to ask how I like Vibrams but I have yet to meet another user. It was nice to swap stories and enjoy the run together. John and I found that we approach running similarly (ready to conquer a triathlon, and one day an ultra) and we both agreed that we wouldn’t do well in group training. I for one use my runs as a time to be alone with my thoughts, talk to my mom on the phone, or as an opportunity to sing aloud to my favorite phat beats. Although I favor the loner route, John was a good 6 mile companion.

After today, I feel as though my body is capable of finishing the marathon! Time will tell. All I know is, it’s you and me marathon, mono y mono.