My roommate was bursting with energy last night when she showed me her new toothbrush packaging. At first I didn’t know what to make of it, but she soon explained her excitement. The toothbrush had been made out of recycled yogurt cups, and the travel case looked really really neat-o. So, yes, my roommate is just as environmentally conscious as yours truly.

The company that made the toothbrush is called Preserve, and they make a variety of colorful and quality personal care, tableware, and kitchenware products. Everything is 100% recycled and recyclable. That’s right. Here are a few reasons why you should get to know Preserve and their products.

1) They are stylish and not afraid to be adventurous when it comes to using the all the colors on the spectrum. Daredevils, really.

2) The website is so user friendly grandmothers and programmers alike will feel right at home and happy to be there.

3)  They are incredibly transparent with their process. All of you scientists and lab rats will feel comfortable knowing the life cycle of all Preserve products.

But seriously, everything is made from something special called #5 polypropylene plastic. It is a recycled product that is sorted, cleaned, tested, and transformed into a delightful dish for freshly grilled fish.

Below is a cute little graph that shows you just how much of an impact they have on the environment (Data derived from using the GaBi 4 LCA software).

Products are available for purchase on the website, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, and small grocery stores. Now go get ’em, tiger.