Okay okay okay. I’ll be rational. Two weeks ago I ran 20 miles in preparation for my marathon. I ran 11 minute miles and I was feeling good. As we all know by now, the story of my life is centered around shin splints. Did I get them? Heck yes I did. So I chilled out for about a week and let them heal. They began feeling better so I treated myself to a hip hop dance class. Afterwards I could barely walk. Shin splints you ask? Not this time. The metatarsals in my right foot were not feeling so hot.

It was definitely something new and different for me. I got it checked out today, and apparently I put all of my body weight on my smaller toes and not on my big toe. Are the bones victims of a stress fracture? I still do not quite know. I do know that the marathon is in 4 days, and that I’d be foolish to run it. Disappointed? Of course. I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately and am finally okay with my situation. I can still ride my bike and I can still swim. I am mobile. If I ran the marathon, I’d most likely be immobile for quite sometime. It is a very easy decision to make, and this post is my official acceptance of the decision.

So, I know two things. First, I am eager to correct my foot situation and patient enough to let it happen. Second, I am going to run next years marathon and I will run a hell of a race, maybe even 9 minute miles. Watch out.