We all know and love Tom’s shoes, but we can’t wear them to every occasion. Below are some other brands that help the world become happy. They are pretty stylish, so for those of you out there feeling philanthropic, I’m a size 9.

Form & Fauna Pleated Dove Shoe: Made from sustainable and renewable materials! There is a nice little plush ecoliner in there also. You know what that means, comfort AND style.

Po-Zu Yew Boot: These boots are 60% coconut husk and 40%natural latex rubber foot mattress that helps mold the shape of your foot. The foot-bed is made from wool and reclaimed hides. Po-Zu is eco-friendly from product to packaging! Sounds good to me.

Melissa Shoes ‘Happy’: Made from Mel-flex plastic, a non-toxic, hypo-allergenic, recyclable, and flexible plastic. 99.9% factory water and waste is recycled and overstock styles are recycled into new styles. Protecting our natural resources through and through.

Looks good to me! It is great to see so many creative and eco-conscious designers producing quality products without compromising class.