I just read a great Harvard Business Review article about Rebecca Henderson, author of a new book called Accelerating Innovation in Energy: Insights from Multiple Sectors. The piece aims to help readers understand the growth, development, and evolution of the agriculture, chemical, life science, and information technology sectors and translate that over to the energy industry.

It sounds pretty interesting and will offer insight into how both public and private sectors will need to come together and use innovation as a way viable to change the energy industry into a real and thriving sector.

Two of the books key concepts really stood out to me:

  • The problem: Energy is a commodity product that can’t be differentiated, the sector already exists, and the change needs to happen at enormous scale.
  • Trying to speed innovation without simultaneously creating demand for low-carbon energy is unlikely to have much of an effect.

Henderson realizes the enormity of our energy challenge and urges readers to analyze other sectors and compare them to the energy industry. She advocates that this will offer insight and will help create intelligent and innovative strategies that will result in a true, thriving, clean energy industry.

It sounds like the book will present the idea of clean energy as a business opportunity that happens to be socially responsible. This view might just be the key to seeing drastic energy improvements!