Hello Labor Day weekend! In the life of Lola, it is less a Labor Day celebration and more a arts and crafts fiesta. Yesterday I made my first-ever set of original global-warming themed cards and envelopes. Yes, they were created on recycled paper. I will mail them to my friends and  family, and you can send them to yours as well. Along with some other recycled and repurposed goods I’ve Lolafied, they will be up for sale on Etsy.com soon enough so keep your pants on. For you local SFers, I’m looking into some vendor space for a few festivals and craft shows. For now, here’s a sneak preview.

The Detriments of Global Warming: Increased ocean temperatures cause humans to fear jellyfish > sharks.

Yes, they were really fun to make! What? You want me to make place-mats and coasters also? I couldn’t possibly. I mean, I guess could try…okay okay don’t twist my arm I’ll make them. Sheesh, tough crowd.