Hats off to Patagonia for having ‘Environmentalism‘ right next to their ‘Shop Clothing & Gear’ tab on their homepage. What is to the right of ‘Environmentalism’ you ask? Why it is their blog of course! They are actually having a conversation with consumers. Web 2.0 here we are!

Patagonia is being very transparent and I am a fan. They understand the basics of doing business in 2010 to be successful in 2020. First, they sell clothing and gear. Next they inform consumers that their environmental strategy is a win-win situation for earthlings and earth. Finally, they invite said earthlings to their community and value their ideas and input.

Can you imagine if every company employed this three-part strategy as genuinely as Patagonia does? I can almost imagine it. Instead of focusing on how to operate more efficiently with less money and less people (strengthening the double-dip forecast), companies would  invest in R&D with the mission of finding greener alternatives which will actually provide long-term solutions to the many pressing issues of today.

So, kudos to Patagonia and their simple, streamlined approach to conducting business in today’s world. Tomorrow thanks you.