This Featured Friday I have the pleasure of introducing to you Karine Brighten and Jennifer Miller. Karine is founder of Karine Brighten events, an eco-friendly event planning company. It is the first certified green business in the Bay Area! Karine’s company is producing San Francisco’s first Vegan Fashion Show and showcasing designer Jennifer Miller owner of Mission Savvy. The event is located Golden Gate Park and on October 2nd!

The SF Vegan fashion show features vegan designers working to reduce their carbon footprint and produce sustainable and stylish products. Meet the gang:

Date: October 2, 2010
Time: Show begins at 4:45PM
Location: County Fair Building, Golden Gate Park
1199 9th Ave
San Francisco, CA

Check out my interview with the two lovely ladies to find out when, where, and how to score a spot at the hottest Fall event in San Francisco.

LC: Not only does the fashion show feature eco-friendly designers, but the show is put on by your eco-friendly events company! What inspired you to stray away from the norm and begin crafting events based around environmentally conscious values?

KB: I’ve always had a passion for animals and environmental issues, and decided to combine the two and start my own business! I am also very proud to say that I am the very first in the SF Bay Area to become a certified green business.

LC: I was super stoked when I found out that Rory Freedman, Author of ‘Skinny Bitch‘ is emcee of the fashion show and that Melisser Eliott from Cruelty Free Face will be the team make-up leader. What will the participants be able to take away from the show?

KB: People attending the fashion show will see that you can look great while being 100% cruelty-free!

LC: Let’s talk a little to a featured contributer. Jennifer Miller, owner of Mission Savvy has a great line of work that uses fashion as a way to create awareness about animal protection. How did you get the inspiration to bring animal rights into mainstream lifestyles?

JM: My entire professional career has been in wildlife conservation and animal rescue. And the last couple years as an emergency relief responder for an international animal aid organization I witnessed some of the worst cases in animal abuse and neglect. Going between countries and cultures I struggled with being able to communicate these issues in a manner that people took them seriously and intergrated them into their lives. There are so many simple steps that we can take to make this a more humane world for animals.

So, I documented these situations throughout my travels and came up with an idea to develop a medium that would implant them into the minds of every day people in a fun atmosphere that they choose to engage. That’s when I settled on fashion. 5% of profits from Mission Savvy’s online store go to animal rescue and conservation projects around the world.

You walk into my boutique and the first thing you see is an elephants foot chained to a fence waiting his moment in the circus and a pig cramed into a gestation crate, the standard for animal housing on factory farms in the US.

My customers love to shop and love eco fashion, now they know more about animal suffering and the small projects Mission Savvy supports.

LC: Jennifer, you are really taking the opportunity to educate others in an industry known for dressing them! It is very innovative and inspiring. The SF Vegan Fashion show has so many designers showing off their goodies! Where are these collections available for purchase?

KB: All the collections are available online! There is also a silent auction featuring great items from the designers!

LC: Okay, now for the necessary details. How do I secure a spot at the show? Can I just show up or do I have to buy a ticket? Girl keep us in the loop so we can be wide-eyed, visually stimulated, and up-to-speed on the latest looks!

KB: The fashion show is free with your $7 entry into the World Vegetarian Festival, FREE for students, and FREE for everyone if you enter the festival before 10:30am.

Thanks Karine and Jennifer! I’m ready to see some stylin’ senoritas strut their cruelty-free clothes down the catwalk! Yes, you all know where you can find me on October 2nd. See ya there.