Somewhere in the midst of all my belongings scattered from San Francisco to Brooklyn, I have two unused iPhones and one Razor phone. I feel like I shouldn’t just throw them away, but I don’t know what to do with them. So there they are, taking up space in a drawer somewhere.

Are you like me? Do you have a old cellphone that is just collecting dust? Well my friends, I finally found out how to dispose of them properly, and boy is it an easy process. So easy, it is a 3 step process. We all love those. Way better than 4 steps.

1. Click here and request a mailer bag.      (Postage included. Heyooo!)

2. Put your phone in the mailer bag.

3. Put the mailer bag in your mailbox.

Yep, that’s all folks. Your old phone is taken away to the land of recycling and treated just right. It is either refurbished and resold, or recycled down. PlantMyPhone is a great company to use as a way  to dispose of your phone properly. They recycle your phone and use the money to fund tree planting. After you send your phone in, they will email you and tell you how many trees your phone planted. They even have this nifty chart that tells you on average how many trees your phone will plant.

Can you imagine how many beautiful, luscious, green trees your whole family could fund the  planting of if everyone mailed away their old, lonely, dust-gathering, unloved phones?

Answer: So many, oh so many.

How many phones can Lemonade & Origami readers donate in total? Leave a comment on this post of the type of phone(s) you donated and I’ll calculate how many trees we planted as a group!