Translation: In 2013, British Motor Works will bring to market their first electric vehicle called the Megacity Vehicle. It has a carbon-fiber frame that is enclosed in a panel of aluminum. The reason behind this creation? BMW says:

To create the future is to understand future customers needs, and to access key new technology.

So they have us in mind! What a lovely concept. The car was built based on their findings that by 2050, 70% of the worlds population will be in urban areas. With little cost, the small sized MCV is said to have a long service life.

Bloomberg news calls this tiny electric car the UDM, err I mean ‘The Ultimate Driving Machine’.

Of course I think this is g8, observing all of these alternatives to gasoline become mainstream options is a wonderful thing. It was not to long ago that the average person didn’t even knew about alternatives. Now there is ethanol, electricity, biodiesel, and natural gas. Vroom vrooom.