I ventured to Oakland for the first time this weekend, and the experience made me wonder why it took me so long to get out there. My friend and I went to their 4th Annual Live Graffiti Battle. Produced by Estria Front Forweb, the event hosted 20 of California’s top graffiti artists.

What an event! My eyes were aglow as I watched the competition. Artists were creating masterpieces inspired by the word ‘heal’ and skateboarders were throwing down some kickin’ tricks. Best of all, the event supported not only the urban peace movement, but the environment! There were games like Recycle Swish and Toss Out Fossil Fuels. Yes, I was in heaven. Not only was it a day centered around healing, but hope as well. Seeing all these creative, open minds of all ages coming together in support of art, peace, and environmental initiatives really made a statement. Check out these photos, you can really appreciate the sense of community and togetherness we all experienced.

*If you were at the event and want to see additional photographs, just tweet or facebook me and I’ll be sure to send some your way.