You heard me. Next week is WRW, more commonly known as World Rainforest Week. It was created by the Rainforest Action Network to increase awareness about all the destruction and deforestation that occurs. Now, you may think that there is not much you can do to make an impact, but have no fear! There are many things you can do!

Also, I know you, and I know that you WANT to make an impact, but don’t have a lot of TIME to do so. So, ya welcome. Below are some easy-breezy ways for you to celebrate and be a rainforest super hero….instead of super villian.

1. Follow TikiTheTiger on Twitter! He is my favorite animal and he needs friends to help save his Indonesian rainforest home. There are only 500 Sumatran tigers left and he needs to grow his Twitter posse!Get to it.

2. Pledge to recycle your current cell phone! PlantMyPhone has a great pledge system set up. You give them your name and email, and when you get a new phone they will send you a postage paid mailer bag. Just drop your phone in, and they recycle it. Oh and yes! They plant trees for every recycled phone. Get your friends to do it too, and you built yourself a mini forest heyooo!

3. Finally, we cannot forget about our underwater rainforest! As you know from my past post on coral, the reefs are in serious danger. Below are a few quick tips to help preserve them.

Stop buying coral jewelry– There is no way to harvest coral without damaging the ecosystem. Even Tiffany & Co says “it’s too precious to wear.”

Don’t eat endangered fish! – Take my word for it, and check out these handy guides. I have something in the works to help you do this, so get excited to make an impact.

Well everyone! Now you are in-the-know and ready to go for next weeks Rainforest theme! I hope you guys get inspired by my lovely photographs of Tiki, phones, and coral and just can’t resist doing all three! But seriously, do least one.