There has been so much controversy when it comes to reusable shopping bags! This post is to set the record straight. I’m going to help you decide which ones to buy and how to care for them. This will ensure not just the health of mother earth, but for you and your family as well.

DO: Wash your bags regularly. Apparently 97% of the people using reusable bags forget to give them a little wish-wash, laying the groundwork for bacteria like E. coli.

DO: Keep the bags in your car for convenience, but throw them in the back seat as opposed to the trunk. We both know how hot your trunk gets, don’t unintentionally add bacteria to your shopping list.

DO: Use reusable shopping bags for multi-purposes.

DON’T: Throw your gym clothes into the same bag that carries your cucumbers. Get a few bags and task them out like they are your minions.

DON’T: Buy non-woven polypropylene bags. They are made with petroleum, the same stuff that makes plastic bags. This means more harm than good. Whoopsie.

DO: Buy rip-stop nylon, canvas, organic cotton, or hemp bags. Long-lasting, and great for the environment.

Below are examples of excellent bags to use, talk about stylin’.

Super cute sandwich bag.


Crazy stylish tote.


Awesome organic cotton bag.