I went to GreenFest on Sunday to work Rainforest Action Networks Tiki The Tiger booth in the Kids Zone. Everything about the day was awesome, especially watching little munchkins ‘rrROAR!’ like Tiki during story time. Our booth had tiger masks, stickers, and bookmarks. Needless to say my comrade Hillary and I made a lot of little friends.

It was a great day, I hung out with some of my favorite interviewees! I caught up with Karine Brighten, and scoped out her beautiful eco-friendly event planning booth, and I also bumped into Brandon Neustadter, founder of Tiagu.

Highlights for me:

The IndoSole booth- shoes made with recycled motorcycled tires. Bad. Ass. They look great too.

Drinking some Jamsa’s Food drink called Max’s Nectar. SO good. I felt like I was in Central or South America drinking a freshly made drink. Ahh, I’m craving one right now.

Hearing Numi Co-Founders speak about their labor of love to bring their delicious organic tea to the world.

Not only did I see, hear, and drink the good stuff, I made a lot of new friends. Woop woop. Check out Tiki’s blog, there will be pictures from the day posted soon.