There’s been a lot going on these days. Below are some updates on the current projects I’m working on. It is all very exciting and couldn’t happen without the support of all y’all. Thank you.

Official Consumer Guide is Released : The Rainforest Action Network’s forests team takes their campaign public by pointing out the leaders and laggards in the publishing industry. Which publishers are actively contributing to rainforest destruction? Click here to download the pocket guide OR the full report. Great for holiday shopping if you only plan on killing one tree this year.

PlantMyPhone Blog Launch : Less than a week about PlantMyPhone launched the blog ‘More Than Just Talk’. It highlights the movers and shakers in the environmental industry, bring people together through community involment, and enlighten the world about eco-living. Today’s post is an interview I did with Robin Averbeck (campaign manager for RAN’s forest team), to give insight into the exciting and ever-changing life of a campaigner.

TechCentralSF Launch : I had nothing to do with the site prior to it going live,  but I’ll be at the launch party tonight and will be a contributor from there on out. TechCentralSF is an amazing new site categorizes, supports, and unites start-ups that fall under the high tech, biotech, and green tech sectors. Can you guess which sector I’m covering? Thaaat’s right. Green tech.

So while I am bzzy-beeing, I am also working to release some riveting interviews for the upcoming weeks. So many amazing people and companies out there! I love learning about them, and can’t wait to share their stories with you.