There are many ways to celebrate the holidays. Whether you are a earth-killing gremlin, an average socially responsible Joe, or a earth-loving guardian it is important to strike a balance and remember what’s important. Listed below are ideas for all types of people of the world (although I really hope no one is an earth killer!) It is possible to enjoy environmentally while having fun with family, friends, food, wine, and catchphrase.

Earth-Killers: Keep the roast beef, and lamb, and turkey. Throw the veggies in the garbage. Ew, greens.

Earthlings: Keep the turkey, ditch the roast beef.

Earth-Lovers: Keep the veggies, did you say tofurkey?

Earth-Killers: Throw away all leftovers. Tupperware? What’s that?

Earthlings: Put everything in BPA approved containers. Keep enough in the fridge for your gravy-grabbin’ & pie-pickin’ friends. Put the rest in the freezer for the next few weeks. Nom Nom Nom.

Earth-Lovers: Calculate exactly how much food you’ll need and how much leftovers you want. Then ensure you have enough BPA containers for each guest to give them a doggie bag. Keep all the scraps and compost the hell out of it.

Earth-Killers: Use plastic forks & knives, and throwaway plates. Boo-yah plants and animals! Your homes will be landfills.

Earthlings: Only bring out the fine china if you have to. Wash as many things through the dishwasher as possible, and use cloth napkins. Use two kitchen towels instead of 1 towel and 25 paper towels to clean up your mess. If you’re like me, you’re going to have a mess at some point.

Earth-Lovers: Use only dishwasher safe plate-ware. Cloth everything. Don’t switch out plates between courses, just a quick rinse. And I mean quick.

Earth-Killers: Put your Christmas and holiday lights up on Friday, and keep them on and bright until New Years. You can never be too festive.

Earthlings: Get some energy efficient lights & turn them off when it is bed time. Available at:, or

Earth-Lovers: Round up some youngins’ and draw pictures of candles on recycled paper. Put them in the windows, and save them for next year.