Long time no see! Partly my fault, partly the fault of the Chinese government. Since December 15th I’ve been on the road- NYC, Thailand, and China. It was a pretty amazing experience overall. In NYC I visited family and friends, ate pizza, and made snow angels. In Thailand I ate massive amounts of delicious street food, said hello to the Reclining Buddah @ Wat Pho, and paid $15 for a 2 hour massage. In China I ate a lot of things that aren’t served in the US, met with about 14 businesses and 3 MBA schools to learn about doing business in China, and kept a blog to record all my learnings. China doesn’t allow access to WordPress, so updating required a bit of help from my friends, mainly Alexis (thank you).

Now that I’m back I’ve embarked on a few new projects, but the blog lives strong of course! Last night I attended a SF Green Drinks event at 111 Minna and met a few great people to add to my ‘environmental interviews’ section, so keep an eye out for that. I went with Katherine Webster, my new boss and founder of TechCentralSF.com a website that brings together SF startups involved in high tech, biotech, and clean tech. I’m taking care of the clean tech section as well as community management! Exciting stuff.

In other news, I attended my first practice today for the Team In Training triathlon team. That’s right, I will be in a triathlon May 1st called the Wildflower Olympic (.93 mi. swim, 24.8 mi. bike, 6.2 mi. run). I am also raising money to go towards the funding of leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin lymphoma and myeloma research. I am completing this event in honor of all individuals who are battling blood cancers, including my honoree, classmate, and friend David Rauscin. For more information on the race, Team In Training in general, or where to donate and support my race, check out my Team In Training fundraising page. Also, David and I will be doing a work-out photo shoot at some point involving bright colors and sweat bands, so you might want to see those pictures at some point.

I am still making shirts out of pillowcases, so breathe easy. Found & Lolafied is still up and running, and being sold at The Common in SoMa. I’m also exploring the idea of selling in multiple stores, and am working on increasing my inventory in order to do so.

So after this lengthy overview of my life, I hope you get ready to see some posts on things that actually matter, like environmental issues! Get into it.