The Greener Blue. They care about two things that I care about, so of course  I think that they are just dandy. Surfing + the environment = yes ma’m!

Kids Konserve. Waste free lunch comes in some seriously stylin’ colors shapes and sizes.

Indosole. Flippy Flops. Slippers. Thongs. Sandals. However you say its, their soles are made from recycled motorcycle tires.

Wearable Collections.
No more walking to clothing donation centers. Easy-breezy & landfill reducing.

Intelligent Travel. National Geographic has a blog dedicated to cultural, authentic, sustainable traveling. Heyooo.

Autodesk. You may use them, you may have heard of them. Bet you haven’t seen this side of them before. They are the bees knees.

Bamboo Sk8. Eco-friendly skateboards made from bamboo. Longboarders, get ready cause they are targeting you next.

TechCentralSF. Bringing together High tech, Biotech, and Cleantech. This is our future.

Zimride. Carpooling. Carsharing. Good for Mama Earth, and you probably get to meet cool people and have unlimited access to their kick-ass ipod playlist.

Pacific Shaving. You’ll smell good. You’ll look good. Be about it.