Chance Claxton is on the screen and ready to roll with today’s interview. She is founder of Kids Konserve, the most stylish way for you and your family to be environmental, no joke. She is one cool cat that can definitely offer you some goodies to fill your Easter baskets with this year.

LC: Wow! I don’t know where to begin. We both know I’m a huge fan- your products are BPA, Lead, PVC, and Phthalate free. Was it hard to set this standard for all of your products? What do you think is holding back companies like Ziploc, Glad, & Hefty from measuring their products on the same yardstick? (Remember this Hefty commercial?)

CC: It was not hard to set this standard, as we never had another standard, we set out to build a company whose products contain no;  BPA, lead, PVC or phthalates. Ziploc etc do not do it because they have enough sales and customers that are still unaware of the pitfalls of these toxic chemicals, to keep them in business.

LC: One thing that I like about your website is that it has the same informational resources & community engagement opportunities as many non-profits have. Most for-profit company websites are product first & social responsibility second. Your product IS socially responsible and your Community tab really exemplifies that. How does this alter the way business decisions are made? Has the company ever come to a cross-roads when it had to fight or flight on its environmental standard?

CC: Thank you! No we have been very successful with keeping an educational presence on the site, as our customer base really cares. This is what makes our work so rewarding! Also, it is part of our mission at Kids Konserve to help ‘be the voice of change’ by putting people in touch not only with safe, reusable products, but by helping them to be armed with the correct information as to why REUSE and purchasing these products is SO important!

LC:  As far as your ‘Waste Free Challenge‘ for schools goes, who are the rockstars? Have any schools really revamped & reduced their waste as a result?

CC: Yes many, in fact I would say most schools are trying to do something to ‘go green’. You may look here under Kids Konserve Partner Schools on our site for highlights of schools that are making big changes.

LC: Are there any plans to create similar programs for colleges and universities, or team up with any organizations like Net Impact?

CC: I am not familiar with Net Impact, but will look in to them! Our next big venture is to launch a line of reusable, waste-free lunch packing and storage products for adults. It will be called U-Konserve, and will launch this summer.

LC: 2011 is the Year of the Forest. Can we expect to see any forest-themed products? What’s in-store for this year?

CC: Did not know this either! Thought it was the year of the rabbit, ha…. See above, we have a lot of great things in store for this summer, including new colors for many of our items!