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Long time no see! Partly my fault, partly the fault of the Chinese government. Since December 15th I’ve been on the road- NYC, Thailand, and China. It was a pretty amazing experience overall. In NYC I visited family and friends, ate pizza, and made snow angels. In Thailand I ate massive amounts of delicious street food, said hello to the Reclining Buddah @ Wat Pho, and paid $15 for a 2 hour massage. In China I ate a lot of things that aren’t served in the US, met with about 14 businesses and 3 MBA schools to learn about doing business in China, and kept a blog to record all my learnings. China doesn’t allow access to WordPress, so updating required a bit of help from my friends, mainly Alexis (thank you).

Now that I’m back I’ve embarked on a few new projects, but the blog lives strong of course! Last night I attended a SF Green Drinks event at 111 Minna and met a few great people to add to my ‘environmental interviews’ section, so keep an eye out for that. I went with Katherine Webster, my new boss and founder of a website that brings together SF startups involved in high tech, biotech, and clean tech. I’m taking care of the clean tech section as well as community management! Exciting stuff.

In other news, I attended my first practice today for the Team In Training triathlon team. That’s right, I will be in a triathlon May 1st called the Wildflower Olympic (.93 mi. swim, 24.8 mi. bike, 6.2 mi. run). I am also raising money to go towards the funding of leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin lymphoma and myeloma research. I am completing this event in honor of all individuals who are battling blood cancers, including my honoree, classmate, and friend David Rauscin. For more information on the race, Team In Training in general, or where to donate and support my race, check out my Team In Training fundraising page. Also, David and I will be doing a work-out photo shoot at some point involving bright colors and sweat bands, so you might want to see those pictures at some point.

I am still making shirts out of pillowcases, so breathe easy. Found & Lolafied is still up and running, and being sold at The Common in SoMa. I’m also exploring the idea of selling in multiple stores, and am working on increasing my inventory in order to do so.

So after this lengthy overview of my life, I hope you get ready to see some posts on things that actually matter, like environmental issues! Get into it.


The day finally arrived, I am officially selling my shirts made from pillowcases at a store in SoMa called The Common. Monday night I invited a few friends to the store & celebrated the shirts debut. Did I take pictures? You betchya. I took my growing inventory of pillowcase photos as a sign to get my online act together and create a separate page for Found & Lolafied so tonight, I did just that. If you go to the ‘events’ tab you can see photos from the night.

This is what it’s like at the RAN office everyday. Also, this how we celebrate ‘Thanks’ giving. Yea, we all have pretty good dance moves.

There’s been a lot going on these days. Below are some updates on the current projects I’m working on. It is all very exciting and couldn’t happen without the support of all y’all. Thank you.

Official Consumer Guide is Released : The Rainforest Action Network’s forests team takes their campaign public by pointing out the leaders and laggards in the publishing industry. Which publishers are actively contributing to rainforest destruction? Click here to download the pocket guide OR the full report. Great for holiday shopping if you only plan on killing one tree this year.

PlantMyPhone Blog Launch : Less than a week about PlantMyPhone launched the blog ‘More Than Just Talk’. It highlights the movers and shakers in the environmental industry, bring people together through community involment, and enlighten the world about eco-living. Today’s post is an interview I did with Robin Averbeck (campaign manager for RAN’s forest team), to give insight into the exciting and ever-changing life of a campaigner.

TechCentralSF Launch : I had nothing to do with the site prior to it going live,  but I’ll be at the launch party tonight and will be a contributor from there on out. TechCentralSF is an amazing new site categorizes, supports, and unites start-ups that fall under the high tech, biotech, and green tech sectors. Can you guess which sector I’m covering? Thaaat’s right. Green tech.

So while I am bzzy-beeing, I am also working to release some riveting interviews for the upcoming weeks. So many amazing people and companies out there! I love learning about them, and can’t wait to share their stories with you.

I went to GreenFest on Sunday to work Rainforest Action Networks Tiki The Tiger booth in the Kids Zone. Everything about the day was awesome, especially watching little munchkins ‘rrROAR!’ like Tiki during story time. Our booth had tiger masks, stickers, and bookmarks. Needless to say my comrade Hillary and I made a lot of little friends.

It was a great day, I hung out with some of my favorite interviewees! I caught up with Karine Brighten, and scoped out her beautiful eco-friendly event planning booth, and I also bumped into Brandon Neustadter, founder of Tiagu.

Highlights for me:

The IndoSole booth- shoes made with recycled motorcycled tires. Bad. Ass. They look great too.

Drinking some Jamsa’s Food drink called Max’s Nectar. SO good. I felt like I was in Central or South America drinking a freshly made drink. Ahh, I’m craving one right now.

Hearing Numi Co-Founders speak about their labor of love to bring their delicious organic tea to the world.

Not only did I see, hear, and drink the good stuff, I made a lot of new friends. Woop woop. Check out Tiki’s blog, there will be pictures from the day posted soon.

I ventured to Oakland for the first time this weekend, and the experience made me wonder why it took me so long to get out there. My friend and I went to their 4th Annual Live Graffiti Battle. Produced by Estria Front Forweb, the event hosted 20 of California’s top graffiti artists.

What an event! My eyes were aglow as I watched the competition. Artists were creating masterpieces inspired by the word ‘heal’ and skateboarders were throwing down some kickin’ tricks. Best of all, the event supported not only the urban peace movement, but the environment! There were games like Recycle Swish and Toss Out Fossil Fuels. Yes, I was in heaven. Not only was it a day centered around healing, but hope as well. Seeing all these creative, open minds of all ages coming together in support of art, peace, and environmental initiatives really made a statement. Check out these photos, you can really appreciate the sense of community and togetherness we all experienced.

*If you were at the event and want to see additional photographs, just tweet or facebook me and I’ll be sure to send some your way.

It is true, I admit it. I am officially blogging on multiple blogs. It doesn’t mean I love you any less though. It means I love you so much that I am expanding my horizons to better serve you. While Lemonade & Origami will forever be my main ‘voice’, you will now be able to hear me elsewhere aswell. Lucky lucky you.

If you have time tomorrow, check out my post for the Rainforest Action Networks blog The Understory and read about SF’s Litquake event and the moves they are making to address shifts in the publishing world. Thanks to environmental challenges and technological advances, greenies like you and I will watch the publishing world become more sustainable. RAN and Litquake address these issues and opportunities to increase social responsibility.

So keep your reading glasses on, ’cause you’re not quite done!

Happy Sunday! What a great day to be outside in San Francisco. This morning I went to the San Francisco Beach Cleaners first ever beach sweep. We met at Ocean Beach right outside Chalet Park. Luckily, the beach itself was quite clean. The gang and I made it cleaner, then headed across the street to a trail  that needed a little damage control. We picked up trash all up and down that bad boy. There were a LOT of unused plastic bags, and my fingers are crossed that they become banned not only in CA, but from coast to coast.

I had a lot of fun! My fellow beach sweepers are friendly SFers and I look forward to fixin up ‘frisco with them! To join the group, click here.

Okay okay okay. I’ll be rational. Two weeks ago I ran 20 miles in preparation for my marathon. I ran 11 minute miles and I was feeling good. As we all know by now, the story of my life is centered around shin splints. Did I get them? Heck yes I did. So I chilled out for about a week and let them heal. They began feeling better so I treated myself to a hip hop dance class. Afterwards I could barely walk. Shin splints you ask? Not this time. The metatarsals in my right foot were not feeling so hot.

It was definitely something new and different for me. I got it checked out today, and apparently I put all of my body weight on my smaller toes and not on my big toe. Are the bones victims of a stress fracture? I still do not quite know. I do know that the marathon is in 4 days, and that I’d be foolish to run it. Disappointed? Of course. I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately and am finally okay with my situation. I can still ride my bike and I can still swim. I am mobile. If I ran the marathon, I’d most likely be immobile for quite sometime. It is a very easy decision to make, and this post is my official acceptance of the decision.

So, I know two things. First, I am eager to correct my foot situation and patient enough to let it happen. Second, I am going to run next years marathon and I will run a hell of a race, maybe even 9 minute miles. Watch out.

Betsy the Bicycle was living in American Cyclery II when I first met her. We took a trip or two around the block before we committed to being traveling buddies. Her caregivers (aka sales assistants) were well informed and friendly. They were neither the hip cyclists that know everything but don’t want to share their knowledge to lower life forms nor the schmoozy sales guys that wear cologne that smells like ‘iworkoncomission’. You could tell that they cared about the match-making love affair between bikers and their bikes. Betsy and I are smooth sailing.

Two weeks ago Betsy and I went to Mike’s Bikes in SOMA and relaxed outside with the bike repair man while a friend did some serious bike shopping. He was the type of guy that would offer to take a look at my bike to see if anything needed a-fixing. He looked, and he fixed. Betsy’s chain needed to be tightened. I was fixated on his super awesome dog Charlie, while he was fixated on anything with two wheels. They both turned out to be pretty cool. The shop is filled with beautiful bikes and represented by an equally beautiful staff. They were upbeat, friendly, and couldn’t be more excited to having someone join the biking community. They were inclusive in a community stereotyped as exclusive.

Yesterday Betsy and I had what could have been a bad trip. There I am on my bike going so slow that while riding through the Tenderloin some guy says to me, “Go faster, go faster, go faster!” I couldn’t figure out what was going on. I have been tired a lot lately, but have I been feeling weak as well? How come I can’t pedal any faster? Do I have mono? Of course, I was trying to diagnose myself instead of Betsy. Finally, I did just that and realized her front axle was loose. Very loose. The cap on the side that held it all together must’ve popped off somewhere. I guess I do not have mono.

Thanks to my memory and Google maps, I headed to the Mojo Bike Cafe. I walked in with Betsy past the coffee machines and pasteries to the back where a guy was waiting to ask me what I needed help with. I pointed to the axle and he goes, “Oh yea, that would’ve been a bad fall. You didn’t ride it like that did you? That’s like broken collar bone territory.” He went over to his tool box filled with bike inventory and tinkered around a bit. Less than two minutes later I was out the door and Betsy was happy. Service and parts were free because an axle cap happened to be just laying around. Hello nice people of the world, good to meet you.

Have no fear SF cyclists, for ideal bike stores are here, there, and back that way.

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