Pocket Seafood Guide

Objective: To make it easy for you to be a savvy seafood selector! Thanks to the Environmental Defense Fund we know which fish are caught in ways that harm the environment, which ones have environmental contaminants such as mercury, and those that are just straight up overfished.

The EDF has a great PDF pocket guide available to print out, but I went ahead and made a smaller version so those of you that like to go out purse-free can enjoy the freedom of being able to do cartwheels while being equipped to make smart seafood purchasing decisions!

So get your limbs warmed up for wonderful adventures and bring your appetite, because below is a little grab-n-go pocket guide for all you fish eaters out there. On one side you have a wonderfully printed list of safe-fish to eat, and on the other side is a list of fish you should really avoid. So my friends, print this out or message me and I’ll send you a fancy version- and eat until your heart is content!